The area of agricultural lands has a total of 5 405 ha, and 4 770 ha of forests. 1443 individual farmers manage their farms in the commune. There are 372 companies registered in the Register of Economic Activity (as for 31.12.2012). In the area of our commune we can find the businesses such as wholesale stores, warehouses, and environmentally harmless manufacturing plants and other service. The agricultural character of the commune facilitates the investment in food industry, including the production of healthy food, and food processing.

Achievements of two decades of local government include the realization of large infrastructural investments, which make the life of residents more comfortable. All villages have the water supply network. By the mid 90s of the 20th century the whole commune has been connected to the telephone network.

Currently we are working on the sewerage and sewage treatment in order to improve the ecological situation of the commune. In 2001 a wastewater treatment plant was built in Ostrowy by Oksza. The water-sewage system, successively under construction, was 42 km long by 2012.

The commune is currently working on the construction of the water-sewage system, which is co-financed by European Union as part of the Rural Development Programme for years 2007-2013. The commune plans to built additional 3.6 km of the water-sewage system. The Miedźno Commune has also begun the actualization process of the technical project of water-sewage system construction in Ostrowy by Oksza.

Every year the significant financial resources are allocated for the road construction and modernization. The area of the Miedźno Commune is under the local area development plan, which assigns attractive location for holiday cottage construction, housing and investment areas.

Key Otwiera wewnętrzny odsyłacz w aktualnym oknie investments made in 2006-2010 include:

  • Sports hall, located at the Group of Schools in Ostrowy by Oksza.
  • The Museum of Przeworsk Culture and The Memorial Hall of the Battle of Mokra, built with the support of the European Union as part of the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia for years 2007-2013. The Museum building is located at the Primary and Preschool Group of Schools in Mokra. Currently, all exhibits related to the Battle of Mokra, as well as souvenirs from the ceremonies are collected and stored in the museum building.
  • Road construction investments done as part of the National Programme for the Reconstruction of Local Roads 2008-2011, Zadworna Street - Ostrowy by Oksza-Borów and Wapiennik-Miedźno (Akacjowa Street).


translation: „UNIPROJECT Projektowanie i Tłumaczenia” Gruca Grzegorz