Tourism and recreation

When you visit Miedźno it is worth seeing the historical treasures of the commune such as the parish church of St Catherine, built at the expense of parishioners between 1872 – 1877 in the place of the burnt wooden church. Priceless are also the monstrance from 1620, the bell from 1597 given to the church in Borowa, beautiful candleholders as well as the clock on the tower.

A top grade building of historical and architectural interest is the cemetery chapel built around 1840 by the Miączyńscy family, where Voivode Miączyński and members of his family are buried.

The church in Mokra, built in 1708 by monks, is also an important monument. Since 1829 indulgence ceremonies in honor of the Holy Trinity, St Simon and St Jude Thaddeus were held. On the road from Miedźno to Ostrowy by the river Oksza we can find the choleric cemetery from the year 1867.

In 1994 an archeological site was listed in the register of monuments in the Częstochowski Voivodeship —a body burning burial site coming from the time of Roman influence, located in the forest in Mokra.

This burial site makes a valuable historical monument of the pre-history settlement of great academic and scientific value. It is characterized by its unique wealth of grave accessories—tools, iron weapons, and bronze pins.

What is also worth seeing are the nature monuments located in the commune of Miedźno, such as the 400 year-old oaks , the remains of old forests and the Forestry of Nowy Folwark—a farmstead with an area of 150 ha, which also makes a beautiful natural site. The valley of Oksza, above and below the village of Ostrowy, is surrounded by beautiful pine forests that together with the River Liswarta and the abundance of wild mushrooms and fish constitute the tourist attractions of our commune.


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